Drink Distilled Water – Pros and Cons

Distilled water is purified water that does not contain any harmful additives. It is either completely free or has an extremely low count of micro- and macro-elements typically contained in regular water. Distilled water is basically a condensate of regular water, and its purity can be achieved because water evaporates at a lower temperature than […]

How To Drink Distilled Water For Detoxification

What is Distilled Water? Distilled water is purified water without salts and impurities, macro and micro elements and without foreign inclusions. It has no heavy metals, bacteria or viruses. Distilled water is not available in nature; it is artificially created by man. This is a “dead” water. The basic properties of distilled water are the […]

How to Make Pure Water in Several Ways

Production of pure water It is easy to obtain 20-100 ml or 0.68 – 3.38 FL OZ of distilled water at home without water distiller. By using the water distiller at home or in the laboratory during the day you can produce tens of liters of pure water. But what to do when hundreds of […]

How To Obtain The Distilled Water

Aqua Distillata or Distilled water The world’s first ultra pure water, known in history of science as a “water of Kohlrausch,” was obtained in a golden bowl. But what is used in the modern laboratories? In laboratories, pharmacies, and clinics the water distiller with electric heating is used. The capacity depends but for example the home […]

What is The Distilled Water?

What is the distilled water? The pure, distilled water is missing a lot of components. Compared to conventional water, for example, with river water, the distillate water is missing a whole range of dissolved salts and gases. And to be more precise, there is no pure water in the nature, even though water is the […]