How To Drink Distilled Water For Detoxification

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is purified water without salts and impurities, macro and micro elements and without foreign inclusions. It has no heavy metals, bacteria or viruses. Distilled water is not available in nature; it is artificially created by man. This is a “dead” water. The basic properties of distilled water are the absolute purity and low conductivity.

The use of distilled water

How is distilled water used, if there is nothing in the water? This property of distilled water is its main value.
* It is used for dilution of acid in automotive batteries. Distilled water itself is a good solvent. But if it contains salts and impurities, the products resulting from electrochemical reactions are deposited on the plates, and as a result the capacity of the battery will be reduced or eventually even spoiled. Therefore, distilled water is not replaceable and the better the quality, the longer the battery life.
* Distilled water is used in irons and steam generators to generate steam for ironing or cleaning. The use of distilled water prevents difficult to remove scaling formation and the clogging of small outlets.
* In heating systems, the use of distilled water will prevent build-up of scales in pipes and water circulation problems.
* In pharmacies, distilled water is used to dissolve the drugs used for prescription medication.
* Treatment with distilled water, removing toxins from the body, works at the cellular level. There has been a lot of debate on this point. Some claim that the distilled water also drains the nutrients out of the body and you cannot drink distilled water. I take a different approach to that idea.

Speaking of water, it is a unique substance with the chemical formula H2O. Water is a sign of life and it has interesting properties. Until now, scientists have not yet managed to solve all its mysteries. More recently it was found that water has a memory and it responds to words, to music, energy, emotions and feelings by changing its structure. Japanese scientists have found a way to see it and how to show it to the world. Look at the photos and note how the pattern of frozen crystals of water changes depending on the spoken words.

Now it is clear why on the water you can recite prayers, and why the same chemical composition water acts differently and has different properties. The distilled water is dead water and simply does not really have healing properties.

Can you drink distilled water?

Drinking of distilled water is not recommended. Unstructured, it is not pleasant to the taste and the best use of it is only for technical purposes.

To drink distilled water for detoxification purposes you should revitalize it. To structure or revitalize it, you can simply freeze it. Thawed, melted distilled water becomes useful for the next 5-8 hours. You should take it for a long time run; for six months, have a glass 30 minutes before a meal or 2-2.5 hours after a meal. After 8 hours the thawed distilled water becomes useless again.

Where to buy distilled water

It is usually sold in the supermarkets or car-parts stores. You may ask also in the pharmacies. However the best way to get fresh distilled water is by your own water distiller. You can buy one in many stores or click here. If small quantities are needed you can produce it on your own at your home.

How to make distilled water

distilled water producingThe producing of distilled water at home is not so difficult. It is produced commercially in special stills. The principle of obtaining it is very simple. The steam generated by boiling water is being cooled, and as a result distilled water is obtained.
The same process happens when you cook food, water drops form under the cover, the water drops and this condensate is distilled water.

To make distilled water at home you should prepare:
• Common Kettle;
• 3 liter, clean saucepan for distilled water;
• 3 to 6 liter pot for cold water with a perfectly clean bottom
• Clean water for boiling. We take ordinary tap water and allow it to stand for one day in a 5 liter plastic bottle. Then prick the bottle at the bottom and discard the water through the hole from the bottom about one-third of the total volume. The rest where is less heavy impurities is suitable for boiling.

distilled waterNow, the process of obtaining of distilled water. Pour the clean water into the kettle and put it on the cooker. Next put a small pan to collect the distilled water. It must be very clean from inside. On top of the small pan put a large pot filled with cold water, so that the steam from the spout fell on its side part, is being cooled and drains into the pan located on the bottom.

When the water in the kettle boils, adjust the level of boiling, so that all the steam from the kettle just goes into the pan. It will be clearly seen as the cooled steam turns back into water and flows down. Thus, for half an hour you can make liter of distilled water. Over time, the water will be heated up in the upper pot, so it must be replaced periodically by cold.

The quality of distilled water

distilled waterThe next step is to check the quality of the distilled water you have made. It is necessary to make sure the water is clean before using it. One of the easiest methods for visual checking of the quality of distilled water is by freezing it. The purity of water can be judged by the cleanliness of the ice, as the presence of salts and impurities in the water can be judged by the freezing process. The clearer the ice is, the more pure the water is.

The storage of distilled water

For long-term storage you should use only glassware, because distilled water is contaminated by plastic.
When you want to use the distilled water for medicinal purposes, by revitalizing it due to freezing and thawing afterwards, use plastic bottles. Water expands when frozen, so the glassware will break. For non-long term storage you can use also plastic containers.